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Chris Stefanick does an excellent job in this video explaining tolerance, absolute truth, etc.  This would be a great video to share with your youth or use to begin a discussion on some hot topics.

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The Creed

Outsidedabox has put out a great video on “praying” the creed instead of just saying it.  It is a great video to start off the discussion on the creed and what the creed really means.  Check out Outside Da Box and more of their videos on their YouTube channel!

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Who is Your Pharaoh?

As I am working through a course in Salvation History I can’t help but think about the beautiful plot we are involved in and relate it to Youth Ministry.  This week we were going through the book of Exodus and my professor spoke about the oppression imposed on the Israelites by Pharaoh.  He says “Come, let […]

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